Tuition & Fees Schedule

For 2018-2019 School Year

Registration Fee:

By May 1                                                          $30.00
After May 1                                                     $90.00
Total for the year for a family with:
One child                                                          $2835.00
Two children                                                   $4512.00
Three children                                                $5877.00
Four children                                                   $7110.00
Each additional child                                  +$1150.00
Please make all payments to the office at 156 West Monroe Street, either in person or by mail.
12 Payments
One child                                                               $236.25
Two children                                                        $376.00
Three children                                                     $489.75
Four children                                                       $592.50

Book charges are included in tuition costs if parents participate in the NYS Textbook Loan Program.  Parents who do not participate will be charged a $75.00 book fee.  Of course, there will be charges for any lost or damaged books or PACES that need to be repeated.  The charge per PACE is $5.00 which will be billed on your school account.
Graduation fee (12th grade):  $50.00.
You may choose two options of payment:  a 10-month payment plan from September through June or a 12-month payment plan from July through June.  The amount of the 10 payment plan is one tenth of the annual tuition amount.  Remember, the first payment is due the first day of school. Bills are calculated on or about the 15th of the month depending on if the 15th falls on the weekend.  School charges are billed out through your account with school and are expected to be kept current.  We no longer keep cash in the office so payments will be accepted by check or money order made payable to the school.
The schedule for the amount of the 12 payment plan is listed to the side. The first payment for this plan is due July 1 and another is due August 1.