About us

Thinking of sending your children to our school? Here is an application to fill out. Also please read through our handbook to make sure that it will be a fit for your family. We would love the opportunity to work with your children to help cultivate their academic success. Once you have completed the application and read through our handbook, please call to make an appointment to visit us at 315-823-3696.
Click here for Application or Handbook
About MVCA:

  • Established in 1980
  • Grades K through 12
  • Traditional classroom setting in Kindergarten; Individual, self-paced program Grades 1-12
  • Low student/teacher ratio
  • Free transportation provided by your school district if you live within 15 miles of the Academy. (Must apply by April 1)
  • If you live beyond the 15 miles and other Academy students who live within 15 miles reside in your district, transportation will be provided from a central pick-up point.

What we Offer :

  • Music
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Sports
  • Competitions