Covid-19 Regulations

To provide any additional guidance for staff, students and parents in accordance with local and state officials as it may be received throughout the school year.

– All students and staff must have masks to wear and be used at appropriate and necessary times.

– All guests must have masks to wear and use at appropriate and necessary times.

– Masks may have to be worn for the entire school day, but note, there may be times that masks aren’t worn or needed.

– Masks will not be required during lunch period; but thorough daily cleaning of the lunch room will be necessary prior to returning to their Learning Center.  Staff may need to assist in this clean up each day.

– We encourage parents to provide the necessary sanitizing items needed for their student to be kept in their office area while they attend the school day.  This would include additional masks as well.   The supplies would include additional disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes for their desk area.  This may include correct size disposable gloves as well.

– Parents need to put in writing their requests for their child’s health care as they spend the day in school; if that health care is in addition to the above mentioned items.  (There is a spectrum of response to COVID-19.)  We have established what we believe is a balanced approach and standard to maintain our Health and Safety initiative.  Our Academy health initiative standard must be kept; but, a parent can add a personal measure of care for their student, but, that needs to be put into writing and turned in to the Academy office for our records.  The parent’s in addition requests will be communicated to the Learning Center supervisor.

– If a child cannot ever wear a mask or covering due to a health concerns that has to be determined in advance by both the parent and their personal physician.  We will have to have a clear understanding as to our role and what guidelines will need to be kept in mind in light of such a situation.  The Academy will need written confirmation from the family physician stating as such and a plan particular to that student and those around that student from day to day.